Diablo 4 players have been on a quest to find a mysterious Secret Cow Level in the game, even though Blizzard Entertainment developers have denied its existence. While previous versions of the game had Secret Cow Levels, the developers have insisted that the latest version of the game doesn’t have one because it goes against the “realism” intended for the game.

Despite the developer’s denial, players have been searching every corner of the game’s map for evil cows. The hunt for the Secret Cow Level has become a hot topic on Reddit, with players around the world collaborating to analyze and discover the secret entry to the Cow Level.

One player going by the name frogbound has spent their time with the game searching for cow spawns in every part of the world. They noted that cows spawn in groups of three and that there is one point on the map where six cows spawn at once. Frogbound also noted that cows do not get soaked in blood, they do not respond to emotes, and that killing cows during a helltide doesn’t seem to do anything.

Frogbound’s most curious observation concerns the location of Scosglen. They noted that the eastern part of Scosglen looks like a cow’s head, with three cows spawning on the nose and a rare mob spawning on the head part in an area that looks like an opening you could eventually go into.

Other players have shared their own struggles, discussing potential portals that may lead to the cow realm and further observations about strange character behaviors and potential clues. While some have pointed out that Blizzard has denied the existence of the Secret Cow Level, others have made the valid point that the room would hardly be “secret” if Blizzard confirmed its existence outright.

The hunt for the Secret Cow Level continues, with players adding new findings and theories to Reddit every day. While the search may seem fruitless, players are having fun sharing theories and coming together over something as fun and silly as secret cows.

Diablo 4 is now available for PC and consoles.


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