After a nine-month break, the beloved Plunder mode has returned to Warzone 2. Plunder mode is less intense than the traditional battle royale mode and allows players to earn money by killing and looting other players. The objective is to be the first team to reach one million dollars.

Amusing Bug Causes Confusion

However, the return of Plunder mode has come with an amusing bug that is causing confusion among players. Currently, Plunder stats are being applied to normal battle royale stats, resulting in “VERY sus K/D” ratios for some players. Raven Software, the game’s developer, has acknowledged the issue and is working to resolve it.

This bug is causing some players to have an unfair advantage, as Plunder mode allows for infinite respawns and leads to a higher number of kills per match. K/D farmers could potentially quintuple their haul by playing Plunder mode.

In conclusion, the return of Plunder mode has brought a hilarious bug to Warzone 2. Although it is causing confusion among players, it is also providing an advantage to those who take advantage of it. Raven Software is working on a fix and players can enjoy Plunder mode in the meantime.


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