After nearly two years of being in open beta, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live has finally been launched on PC. The game has replaced Pokémon Trading Card Game Online as the go-to destination for all digital Poké TCG players. The free-to-play game is now available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

New features

The new Pokémon TCG Live launches alongside the Scarlet and Violent – Paldea Evolved expansion. This expansion adds Gen 9 monsters and more EX forms to keep the matches feeling spicy. EX cards have higher HP and more powerful attacks compared to their regular card versions. However, they have a big risk-reward factor attached to them as well. If EX cards get knocked out, players must give up two of their prize cards to their opponent, rather than one.

New cards can be added to player’s decks by scanning code cards, exchanging crystals earned in-game to get booster packs, and taking part in daily challenges. These things can also be bought with real money, and there is going to be a premium battle pass available that gives players access to extra quests and more booster packs.

Monetisation structures

The monetisation structures of Pokémon TCG Live are yet to be analysed, but they will be looked at soon. The game offers a premium battle pass that gives players access to extra quests and more booster packs. Players can also buy things with real money.

It has been years since the game has been played, but recently, people have been enjoying getting reacquainted with it by watching calm and collected folks unbox reams and reams of booster packs on YouTube. Pokémon TCG Live is available to download now, over on the Pokémon TCG Live website.


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