Excitement is building for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is set in the same Hyrule as Breath of the Wild. But how can fans prepare for this much-anticipated release? Replay the first game? Stare at the map? Or how about trying a BOTW-set map quiz?

HyruleGuessr is a twist on the popular Geoguessr game, which drops players at a random spot in the world and challenges them to guess their location based on clues like road markings, street signs, and nearby landmarks. HyruleGuessr is similar, but set in BOTW’s Hyrule. Players are given an image of Link looking out across his surroundings and must pinpoint his location on the map. There are five rounds to play each game, and the closer you are to the correct location, the more points you earn.

How HyruleGuessr Works

The game was created by Nimarzel, who was inspired by a similar idea from French streamer Farore’s Discord channel. Your accuracy is measured in Hyrule Meters (Hm), with the dimensions based on a Reddit post from user EngineeringHyrule. The site is not affiliated with Nintendo or GeoGuessr.

Test Your BOTW Knowledge

Nintendo Life Towers staff members tested the game and achieved scores ranging from the mid-13,000s to a whopping 24,573. Players who are up for a challenge can post their high scores in the ranked mode. HyruleGuessr is a fun way to test your knowledge of BOTW’s Hyrule and prepare for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you want to flex your Nintendo brain muscles even more, check out some of our BOTW-themed trivia questions below.


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