Prison Architect, the popular prison simulator game, has received its final update known as the “Sunset Update”. The update has been developed by Double Eleven with a focus on improving the player experience as much as possible. This update is also significant as it marks the end of the developer’s work on the game.

Teaser for a 3D Sequel

Along with the update, the developers have also released a trailer thanking fans for their support. The trailer also teases a possible 3D sequel. In the trailer’s final scene, one of the 2D inmates pops into 3D, causing everyone around him to gasp. This has led to speculation that this is a teaser for a sequel rather than a reference to the game’s hidden 3D mode.

Quality of Life Updates and Bug Fixes

The “Sunset Update” brings quality-of-life updates to the game, such as remote doors, capacitors, riot vans, and more. In addition, the update also includes dozens of bug fixes.

A Brief History of Prison Architect

Prison Architect was announced by Introversion Software 11 years ago and was sold as an alpha release via its own website. It quickly became a success and saved the company from near-certain bankruptcy. It was also one of the first games to be added to Steam’s Early Access system. After polishing the game, Introversion sold Prison Architect to grand strategy publishers Paradox Interactive in 2019. Double Eleven then took over the development of the game and followed Paradox’s model of releasing regular DLC for the base game alongside free updates. These updates received a mixed response from players.

Prison Architect’s final “Sunset Update” marks the end of Double Eleven’s work on the game. The update brings quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to the game. The teaser for a possible 3D sequel has generated excitement among fans of the game. Despite the end of Double Eleven’s work on the game, the future of the franchise remains uncertain.


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