After an extensive five-year search and one year of negotiations, the elusive Nintendo Labo themed Switch has finally been discovered. The online console database ‘Consolevariations’ was able to secure this rare unit, which was part of an exclusive Nintendo competition. While there are believed to be only seven of these special systems in existence, the exact number is still unknown. This find is a significant achievement for Consolevariations, which aims to document and preserve the rarest consoles in the world.

The Rarity of the Labo Switch

In terms of rarity, the Labo themed Switch is highly prized, with Consolevariations awarding it a remarkable 98 out of 100 rating. This means that if you ever come across one, you should definitely grab the opportunity. The official Nintendo competition, held in several countries including the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia in 2018, gave lucky winners the chance to own these unique systems. Now, with one of them securely in the possession of Consolevariations, it can be documented and preserved for future generations.

A Unique Aesthetic

Former Nintendo of America employee Kit Ellis, who now co-hosts Kit & Krysta, had the privilege of holding one of these Labo themed Switch units before the contest began. According to Ellis, the system’s appearance and tactile experience were “pretty amazing,” with its design flawlessly mimicking the look and feel of cardboard. This attention to detail is undoubtedly part of what makes these consoles so sought after by collectors and gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

While Consolevariations managed to secure one unit from a competition winner, it is speculated that Nintendo might still hold some of these Labo themed Switches in its possession. The exact number of consoles in the company’s inventory remains unknown, leaving fans and collectors wondering if more will ever surface. The potential discovery of additional units would undoubtedly generate tremendous excitement within the gaming community and potentially increase their value even further.

‘Consolevariations’ is an online database with a mission to catalog the rarest consoles in the world. In addition to the recently acquired Labo themed Switch, the website features other notable rarities such as a Need for Speed: Most Wanted PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance prototypes. The platform serves as a valuable resource for collectors and gaming enthusiasts interested in the rich history of gaming hardware.

The discovery of the Nintendo Labo themed Switch by Consolevariations is a monumental event for the gaming community. With its rarity rating and unique cardboard aesthetic, this console has become highly coveted among collectors. While only a handful of these systems have been found so far, the possibility of Nintendo holding additional units adds an air of mystery and excitement. Consolevariations’ mission to document rare consoles ensures that these treasures remain accessible and preserved for generations to come.


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