Redfall is a game that revolves around a society where vampires roam the streets and a conspiracy lurks behind the doors of Silicon Valley. The game’s story is gripping as it portrays the capitalist intent of American society, which has destroyed the town of Redfall, and its roots are in recent history. While the game has an unsettling sense of realism that adds to its mythology, its overall devotion to generic co-op missions and lack of finesse is a partial drain on its lifeblood.

Redfall begins with an introduction to the town of Redfall and the vampiric coup that transformed the four heroes into vampires. The game’s depiction of American capitalist intent is biting and maintains parallels to real-life events and conspiracy theories, making the story more compelling. However, the game’s impact is lost as it is built around the skeleton of a cooperative game, leaving the story’s impact to sit by the wayside.

Players enter Redfall as one of four heroes and take on bite-sized co-op missions as they roam freely in the game’s world. While the game’s world is compelling, the basic run-and-gun gameplay and repetitive combat quickly devolve into repetition. The game’s NPCs rarely have anything interesting to say, and the emotional stakes are dampened as the game defers to a quieter form of world-building.

Redfall is dominated by god-like vampires, and players are tasked with understanding these beings, their pasts, and their loyalists. While the missions are mostly fetch quests, the game’s investigation-focused segments offer some creative challenges and tower over boss fights. The game’s post-mission silence is designed for teammate back patting and enthusiasm, making it more tailored to the multiplayer experience.

In conclusion, Redfall is a game with a compelling narrative that is overshadowed by repetitive gameplay. While the game’s world is gorgeous and packed with sinister atmosphere, its focus on multiplayer mechanics has seemingly lost part of its identity. It leaves Redfall feeling bland and repetitive in places, as the mission checklist takes priority over paying off an impactful narrative. There is a sense of more hiding beneath the surface of Redfall, but it never shines quite as brightly as it should.


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