If you are looking for a cute and efficient way to charge your devices, the Retro PC GaN Fast Charger is the perfect solution. This 35W charger is shaped like an adorable retro personal computer, modeled after an “old school Mac” with a little happy face on it. The charger’s screen lights up different colors to indicate the type of charge you’re getting, and it comes with a handful of transparent stickers that go on top of the computer.

This charger outputs a maximum of 35 watts via USB-C 3.0 power delivery, which is enough to charge small devices like tablets, phones, handhelds like the Steam Deck, and even small laptops (although for the last two, you’re probably going to want a 45W charger or higher). The box also includes travel adapters to make vacation charging easier.

The $32 price tag for this charger is reasonable, considering that decent ones sell for around $25-$40, and none of them are as cute as this one. Even if you have poor impulse control when it comes to buying cool-looking things, like custom keycaps, or a terrible Sonic the Hedgehog headset, this charger is worth the cost.

The Downsides of the Retro PC GaN Fast Charger

While the Retro PC GaN Fast Charger is cute and efficient, it does have a few downsides. According to some product reviews, there’s no way to remove the happy face on the charger, so the transparent stickers sit on top of it, which looks a little odd. Additionally, the charger does not come with the mini keyboard, mouse, or floppy disks pictured next to it in promotional photos, which could be disappointing for some buyers.

Another potential downside to this charger is that it is not as powerful as some other chargers on the market. If you need a charger that can handle larger devices, you may want to consider a 45W charger or higher.

Despite these downsides, the Retro PC GaN Fast Charger is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a cute and efficient way to charge their devices. Whether you’re traveling or just need a charger for your desk, this retro PC charger is sure to put a smile on your face while keeping your devices charged and ready to go.


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