Diablo 4 players have recently discovered a unique ring that can transform Necromancer minions into the most powerful force in the game. The Ring of Mendeln is an Ancestral Unique, a rare item that provides an enormous buff for Necromancer minions. It offers 25% cold and shadow resistance, a 5.2% lucky hit buff, a 13% minion attack speed boost, and +687 Thorns damage. However, the most potent aspect of this ring is its 10% chance of causing minion attacks to explode for almost 18,000 physical damage each if the player has at least seven minions.

This means that with seven minions, players can deal over 100,000 damage in one go, with each additional spawn increasing the damage output. As a result, finding the Ring of Mendeln has become a top priority for Necromancer players. Although it is one of the hardest items to find in the game, players are willing to risk it all to obtain it.

The Impact of Ring of Mendeln on Necromancer Builds

The discovery of the Ring of Mendeln has left Necromancer players with mixed feelings. Many are questioning their current build, while others are reaffirmed in their decision to run with minions. The ring has become a game-changer for Necromancer builds, particularly for those who have been struggling with DPS. One player stated, “Bone spirit & Blood Lance is not cutting it in the DPS department.” Another player, who had previously avoided using minions, lamented, “Tough to see for my no minion build.” However, the majority of players are thrilled with the ring’s potential. One player exclaimed, “Goddamn can’t wait to find me one of these. My necro shreds now, but that’ll be OP,” while another said, “I switched from bone spear to minions today since the buff, and I’m having so much more fun. Now seeing this, I know I made the right choice.”

Despite the excitement, some players are concerned that the item could be nerfed in the future. Diablo 4 patches have included numerous balancing updates, and players fear that the Ring of Mendeln could be next. However, for now, players are willing to take the risk and pursue the item, hoping that they can obtain it before any potential nerfs are made.

The Ring of Mendeln is a game-changing item that has revolutionized the way Necromancer players approach the game. With its massive buff for minions, players can deal tremendous amounts of damage and dominate the game. While some players are apprehensive about the item’s future, the excitement surrounding the Ring of Mendeln is palpable, and players are eager to obtain it.


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