Sonic Superstars, the much-awaited game from Sega, was recently showcased at the Sonic Central broadcast, but the release date remains a mystery. However, multiple retailer listings suggest that the game will most likely be released on 17th October for $59.99.

Unconfirmed Release Date

Although Sega has not officially confirmed the release date, multiple retailers like Target and GameStop in the US have listed the game to be released on 17th October. While it could be a placeholder listing, it creates anticipation among fans that the release date may not be too far away.

If the game is indeed released on 17th October, it will coincide with the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, making it a significant week for the gaming industry.

The Key Art and Box Art

The key art for Sonic Superstars was revealed by Sega earlier this week, which will double as the game’s box art. The artwork features Sonic and his friends in a dynamic pose, hinting at the game’s action-packed gameplay.

Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus

In addition to the release date and key art, the Sonic Central broadcast also confirmed an exclusive pre-order bonus for Sonic Superstars. Pre-orders for the game will include an in-game character skin of LEGO Eggman, a beloved villain from the Sonic franchise. This bonus adds another layer of excitement for fans eagerly waiting for the game’s release.

While the release date for Sonic Superstars is still unconfirmed, multiple retailer listings suggest that it may be coming on 17th October. Fans can also look forward to an exclusive pre-order bonus and the game’s key art, which was recently revealed. Sonic Superstars promises to be an exciting addition to the Sonic franchise and the gaming industry as a whole.


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