Sons of the Forest is a game that takes place on a remote island filled with cannibals. The game has recently released Patch 06, which includes several new features. One of the most notable features is the “first pass of hard survival” mode, which makes the game more challenging. There are also improvements to cooking and the ability to craft custom effigies.

Hard Survival Mode

The new hard survival mode reduces the amount of food that spawns in crates, lowers the number of fish and animals that spawn, decreases the speed of health and stamina regeneration when cold, and increases the penalty for eating raw or rotten meats. This mode is designed for players who want a more challenging experience. It will test the player’s survival skills and force them to be more strategic about how they use their resources.

Cooking Improvements

There are several quality-of-life improvements to cooking in Patch 06. The dining area now has countdown clocks, making it easier to keep track of cooking times. The interactions for emptying and placing pots are also faster. Additionally, there is a new and improved UI for cooking bonuses and recipes. These improvements make cooking more efficient and enjoyable.

Custom Effigies

Players can now craft custom effigies in Sons of the Forest. The patch notes do not explain how to make them, but they will cause fear in cannibals based on the number of body parts used. It is unclear whether this is related to the fact that cannibals will now sometimes drag their dying friends away from the player. These new features add an extra layer of strategy to the game and give players more control over how they interact with the cannibals.

Other Additions and Fixes

Patch 06 also includes other additions, improvements, and fixes. Kelvin, the main character, can now pick up stones, which builds on the previous patch’s ability to pick up two logs at once. The full patch notes detail all of the changes, but these highlights show that the developers are actively working to improve the game.

Sons of the Forest’s Patch 06 adds several new features that make the game more challenging and enjoyable. The new hard survival mode, cooking improvements, and custom effigies give players more options and control over their gameplay. With ongoing updates and fixes, Sons of the Forest is a game that will continue to improve over time.


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