Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is a sequel to the 2018 animated superhero film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The movie takes viewers on an action-packed, multidimensional journey through the Spider-Verse. In this film, Miles Morales, who was the focus of the first movie, joins forces with other Spider-People to fight against a new villain named The Spot. However, Miles soon finds out that his presence in the Spider-Society is causing multiversal chaos. The movie ends with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers excited for the next installment.

The article contains spoilers for the movie, including the ending.

Plot Summary

The movie opens with a lengthy sequence that takes place in Gwen’s universe, Earth-65. The audience learns more about Gwen’s backstory, including her universe’s Peter Parker’s tragic death, which led her to join the cross-dimensional Spider-Society.

The movie then catches up with Miles, who hasn’t seen any of the other Spider-People in over a year. He fights a new villain named The Spot, who has dimensional portals on his body. Gwen shows up to capture The Spot, and she tells Miles that he is not allowed to be in the Spider-Society.

Miles secretly follows Gwen through a dimensional portal and ends up fighting alongside her and other Spider-People against The Spot in Mumbattan. The battle results in a sort of draw, as The Spot gets what he wants, but the Spider-People manage to save everybody.

Since Miles is already with them, the gang brings him back to Spider-Society HQ in Neuva York, 2099. Miguel O’Hara, the boss of the Spider-Society, explains that Miles is the catalyst for multiversal chaos because he was bitten by a radioactive spider from another dimension. The consequence of that is that his spider’s home dimension has no Spider-Man, and that the Peter Parker from Miles’s world would have lived and defeated Kingpin if that spider had not bitten Miles.

To keep Miles from causing any more perceived problems, Miguel wants to lock him up until his dad, a police lieutenant about to be promoted to captain, is murdered. Miles goes on the run in a delightful chase sequence through the Spider-Society building before attempting to use the “go home machine.” Instead of sending him home to Earth-1610, the machine drops him in Earth-42, the reality his spider was from that has no Spider-Man.

Miles sees his Uncle Aaron, who died in the last movie, and tries to play it cool, but Aaron immediately realizes he’s the wrong Miles. Moments later, he’s tied up and facing the Prowler. In this dimension, Miles is the Prowler, and he’s got a very bad and sinister vibe.

Gwen recognizes where Miles ended up and decides to take matters into her own hands, going rogue to assemble a team of Spiders, including Spider-Ham, who had been absent to this point, to invade Earth-42 and save Miles. The movie ends with a “To Be Continued” message.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is a thrilling, multidimensional adventure that picks up where the first movie left off. The movie introduces new characters and villains while also advancing the overall plot of the Spider-Verse. The ending leaves viewers eager for the next installment, which promises to explore Earth-42, the only dimension in the movie that’s original to the film. While there are references to the MCU in the movie, it’s unlikely that there will be any significant crossover between the two universes. However, cameos and Easter eggs like Donald Glover’s appearance in the film are still possible. Overall, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is a must-see for fans of the Spider-Verse and superhero movies in general.


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