Star Trek: Strange New Worlds made two unexpected announcements during San Diego Comic-Con. First, the show is breaking away from its usual weekly release schedule by airing a new episode tonight. The episode will be a crossover with Star Trek: Lower Decks and will premiere on Paramount Plus at 7PM ET. Deadline reports this exciting news. But that’s not all! The series will also be treating fans to a musical episode in early August titled “Subspace Rhapsody.” This marks the first musical episode in the history of Star Trek, as pointed out by Deadline. However, the franchise has touched on musical elements before. In an episode of Deep Space Nine called “Chrysalis,” a group of genetically-engineered people break into an a capella song after one of them undergoes an operation to restore her voice. It seems that the tone of that particular sequence will permeate the entire “Subspace Rhapsody” episode, as hinted in the amusing teaser.

According to Deadline, the updated release schedule for the season is as follows:

– Saturday, July 22 – Episode 207, “Those Old Scientists”
– Thursday, July 27 – Episode 208, “Under the Cloak of War”
– Thursday, August 3 – Episode 209, “Subspace Rhapsody”
– Thursday, August 10 – Episode 210 (Season Finale), “Hegemony”

A Return to the Episodic Filler TV Format

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has quickly become my favorite live-action Trek series since Deep Space Nine. Anson Mount portrays Captain Kirk with a charming presence, while Ethan Peck settles into his role as Spock with ease. Additionally, the introduction of Carol Kane as a new species of long-lived engineer who refuses to tolerate nonsense is truly inspired.

But what sets this show apart goes beyond its characters. It has successfully brought the series back to its episodic filler TV format, presenting moral parables or entertaining adventures that generally conclude neatly by the end of each episode. At the same time, it establishes a continuity that the show consistently returns to later. While it may not be flawless — with instances where the crew conveniently escapes precarious situations through coincidences or logical leaps that lack justification — it feels like a breath of fresh air after the darker and more cynical versions of Trek explored in Discovery and Picard.

This is not to say that there is no place for that in Trek, as both shows are exceptional in their own right. However, it is refreshing to return to the old-fashioned style of the space drama that doesn’t take itself too seriously all the time.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds surprises fans with a crossover episode and a musical installment. Breaking away from its usual release schedule, the show ventures into new territory while still staying true to the essence of the beloved franchise. With its return to the episodic filler TV format and its lighter tone, the series offers a nostalgic and enjoyable viewing experience for long-time fans and newcomers alike.


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