Star Wars Jedi: Survivor picks up five years after the events of Fallen Order. The game follows the journey of Cal Kestis as he tries to uncover hidden Jedi secrets of the High Republic and aids the Resistance in pushing back against the ever-growing Empire forces. Despite the narrative bounds, the game is packed with drama, and a well-written script that keeps the adventure interesting.

The Mysterious High Republic Era

Set within the canonical events of the Star Wars cycle, Jedi: Survivor reveals the shadow of the High Republic Era. Kestis stumbles across an errant droid that promises passage to a safe world known as Tanalorr, rumored to be a realm of endless treasure. Armed with knowledge and a burning desire for freedom, Kestis sets out to determine fact from fiction, running headfirst into dangerous territory in a bid to re-establish the Jedi Order.

A Likeable Hero with Flaws

In this game, Kestis is an older, more confident, more skilled Jedi veteran. He has learned to embrace his role and has become a better fighter through years of hardship. His journey is bolstered by stellar writing, and an accompanying, nuanced performance by Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis. The game’s script is premised on unique, tongue-in-cheek moments and characters with real heart.

Environmental Puzzles and Action Drama

Jedi: Survivor is a hybrid adventure game that prioritizes puzzling, but the placement of these challenges serves to separate story chapters. The mandatory puzzle padding is deployed to a fair extent in the game’s middle act, and feels particularly egregious given the high stakes of the main story. However, the game’s incredible final stanza largely does away with puzzling and transforms Jedi: Survivor into a full-blown action drama littered with intense battles, meaningful character moments, and an eye-opening closing sequence.

A Creative and Bold New Chapter

Balancing the identity of Fallen Order with a new, more emotionally charged and narratively complex story was clearly a challenge. Yet, despite its middling hump, this sequel represents an overall success in this balancing act. Improvements across the board, including stunningly deft writing, and a sharp narrative, contribute to a more confident and engaging sequel. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has not left its roots behind but has taken great leaps forward into a brighter and more ambitious future.


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