In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players take control of Cal Kestis, a lone Jedi survivor who faces mounting Empire forces on all sides. Set five years after the events of Fallen Order, the game follows Kestis’ journey as he stumbles across hidden Jedi secrets of the High Republic and aids the Resistance in pushing back against a growing tide of darkness.

The Shadow of the High Republic Era

Kestis’ quest takes him across dangerous territory as he seeks to re-establish the Jedi Order. Along the way, he discovers the shadow of the mysterious High Republic Era, when Jedi were well-respected and divined new technologies and worlds for a peaceful galaxy. Armed with knowledge and a burning desire for freedom, Kestis’ journey takes him to the mythic world of Tanalorr, where he must determine fact from fiction.

An Engaging Sequel

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a hybrid adventure game that prioritizes puzzling, with each planet housing unique challenges. While the puzzle-platforming is frequently excellent, the game occasionally buckles under the weight of grating environmental puzzles and arbitrary backtracking, particularly in the middle chapter. However, the game’s incredible final stanza makes up for the middling hump, transforming Jedi: Survivor into a full-blown action drama filled with intense battles, meaningful character moments, and an eye-opening closing sequence.

Throughout the game, Kestis is a likeable hero replete with flaws and written in a very human way. He has learned to crack a joke, and every narrative beat in the game is lightened with a sharp, biting humor that injects a sense of realism into the game’s world.

Overall, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a thrilling adventure in a galaxy far, far away that weaves a memorable, compelling story and features stellar writing, nuanced performances, and graceful combat. Despite occasional pacing issues, the game represents a successful balance between the identity of Fallen Order and a new, more emotionally-charged and narratively complex story that takes great leaps forward into a brighter and more ambitious future.


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