Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment, the developer of The Division, have announced their new game, Star Wars Outlaws, at the 2023 Xbox Game Showcase. The game was also shown off at the 2023 Ubisoft Forward event, where the director of Star Wars Outlaws, Julian Gerighty, spoke at length about the game. Star Wars Outlaws takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, a time when the Empire is strong and criminal organizations are thriving. The game follows the story of protagonist Kay Vess and her companion Nix, who are hoping to take on one big job to secure their place in the galaxy.

The game is set in an open world that includes both open world locations and the wilds of space. Kay and Nix will encounter several criminal organizations, which will provide opportunities, as well as danger.

The Gameplay of Star Wars Outlaws

The newly-released gameplay trailer for Star Wars Outlaws features Kay and Nix on a mission. Kay is shown hiding behind cover, sneaking up on an unknowing guard to knock him out with a punch. She then orders Nix to hit a button, which moves a box on a crane for Kay to grab onto and get across the space, unseen.

Kay is discovered and performs a quickdraw to dispatch the guard, and the demo turns into a full-on firefight. Kay asks Nix to retrieve a blaster rifle from a fallen enemy for her, and she lays down suppressing fire and makes a run for it.

As she leaves the facility, she hops on a speeder bike and races out of there, with enemies in pursuit. She slows down time to mark two fast-moving enemies with an ability, and takes them out. She has a quick chat with her accomplice over the radio, and arrives in a nearby town, making a beeline for the cantina.

Kay enters the cantina’s VIP area to chat to a local crime boss and debrief on the job. An empire officer also sits at the table and attempts to strike a deal with Kay. The option for Kay to bribe the officer is given, but she refuses, pulls out a blaster, and leaves with the credits for the job.

As she walks out, a city-wide warning for Kay is sent out, which brings up a big ‘Wanted’ status. Kay boards her starship and quickly zooms up into the atmosphere and eventually into space in one seamless transition. They’re suddenly pursued by TIE Fighters within a field of space debris. After shaking the fighters off, they jump into hyperspace, escape the Empire, and complete the quest.

The trailer ends with a transition to the interior of the cockpit, where Kay is shown bonding with Nix, followed by a brief montage of the game’s various locales and a standoff with an AT-ST and several space battles.

Overall, the gameplay trailer of Star Wars Outlaws was incredibly impressive and has left fans excited for the game’s release. The game’s strong aesthetic and seamless open world have the potential to make it a hit among Star Wars fans and gamers alike.


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