Steam’s new sale is focused exclusively on sports games and is offering discounts on a wide variety of titles. The sale began yesterday and will continue until May 22nd. Customers can find discounts on games ranging from skateboarding to golf, wrestling to fishing, and of course, lots of football.

One of the most popular games that is being discounted is FIFA23, which is currently 70% off. While this may not be an uncommon discount for this time of year, it is still a great opportunity for fans of the game to get a good deal. Additionally, Football Manager 2023 is being offered at a 40% discount, and Ubisoft’s downhill racer Steep is currently 85% off, which means that fans can purchase the game for only £3.89.

Exploring the Sale Pages

Customers who are interested in sports games should take the time to explore the sale pages themselves. They may be surprised by how many football management games are available that they haven’t heard of before. They may also wonder how many of these games are technically pastimes instead of sports.

While there is no discount available for StreetStep: 21st Century Basketball, the game is only £8.50/$10 and is still a great purchase for anyone who is interested in basketball.

In a recent post-match interview, Manchester City forward Erling Haaland mentioned that he was going to go home, eat something, play some video games, and go to bed. When asked which video game he was playing, Haaland hesitated and repeated that it was “too embarrassing” to name. This has sparked curiosity among fans, who are now wondering which game he could possibly be playing.

While many footballers play FIFA, it is unlikely that this game would be too embarrassing for Haaland to admit to playing. It is possible that he is playing something anime, like Genshin Impact, or some deep fantasy or historical strategy game, like Heroes Of Might & Magic III. Whatever the game is, it has left fans wondering and guessing.


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