Stellaris, the grand spacefaring strategy game from Paradox, has revealed its next expansion: Galactic Paragons. This expansion, set to release on May 9th, is geared towards fans of big government and will focus on expanding the council system, introducing deeper character progression, and exploring the collection of leaders.

New Features

Under One Rule is a new Origin being introduced in Galactic Paragons, which adds eight new civics focused on leadership. This will give players more wartime strategies and opportunities to roleplay. The rest of the Origin includes new ship art, story content, 12 new veteran classes, and two new tradition trees. Additionally, the expansion will offer extra job roles for leaders, as well as dynamic leader recruitment, customization, and progression.

Legendary Paragons

Galactic Paragons will introduce “paragons of renown” to your council, each with their own stories. Four Legendary Paragons will add even more excitement to the game.

Free Additions

In addition to the paid expansion, the Stellaris team has been working on free additions to the game. The most recent addition is the 3.8 Gemini update, which brings two multiplayer modes – co-op PvE and competitive PvP – to the game. The PvE mode allows players to team up with four friends as a single empire. The PvP mode will pit players and their fleets against each other.

Overall, the Galactic Paragons expansion and the 3.8 Gemini update bring a lot of excitement to Stellaris. If you’re interested in checking out the game, you can wishlist the expansion on Steam or read more about the multiplayer modes on Paradox’s forum post.


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