Ah, the 1980s – a decade filled with memories of making it big on the stock market and indulging in various forms of entertainment. Although I was born in 1992, the retro life stocks-slash-life sim STONKS-9800 allows me to experience the nostalgia of that era. This text-driven game offers a unique take on the life of a Japanese businessperson in the eighties, without the stress and risks associated with real-life investing.

From Stocks to Personal Life: A Multifaceted Experience

STONKS-9800 immerses players in a world of scanlines, double-digit bits, and a city-pop soundtrack. The game revolves around buying and selling shares in familiar companies such as Komami, Capcon, and Ninento. As you accumulate wealth, you can splurge on luxury cars, upgrade to bigger houses, and enhance your personal life. If stock trading doesn’t go as planned, you can explore more illicit activities or take a gamble on horse racing. Alternatively, you can relax by playing pachinko.

Balance and Random Events

In STONKS-9800, it is essential to maintain a balance between work and personal well-being. Overworking can lead to health issues and increased stress levels. To maximize happiness and comfort, players must strive for material gains while dealing with unexpected events such as car crashes, unforeseen expenses, and food poisoning. Additionally, the game incorporates a dating sim-like relationship aspect, allowing players to build a connection with their advisor, Amy.

Early Access and Future Development

Currently available in early access on Steam, STONKS-9800 is a promising game that offers an immersive and engaging experience. The developers, TERNOX, plan to spend a year expanding the game with more events, mini-games, and improvements before its full release. Despite its current state, the game provides a light-hearted and captivating way to invest and gamble without the actual risks involved. Furthermore, the nostalgic soundtrack alone makes it a worthwhile purchase at an affordable price.

In summary, STONKS-9800 transports players to the 1980s, allowing them to relive the excitement of stock trading and the laid-back lifestyle of a Japanese businessperson. With its retro aesthetics, diverse gameplay elements, and immersive features, this stock market simulator offers a unique and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a fan of the 80s or simply seeking a virtual escape, STONKS-9800 is a game that delivers both entertainment and nostalgia.


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