Stranded: Alien Dawn is an RPG storytelling and planet survival sim game. It allows players to create and fail or succeed on their own. The game is designed as a sandbox where players can adjust the difficulty, play-style, and take different approaches to succeed. Haemimont Games CEO, Bisser Dyankov, explains that the game surpassed their expectations in terms of gameplay. Some players completed the “Crash Landing” scenario in record time, while others built massive bases and defended them from huge waves of enemies.

Dynamic Environment for Creativity

Dyankov believes that storytelling is an essential part of video games, and the gameplay elements should be woven into the story. Stranded: Alien Dawn aims to create an experience where the things that happen to the survivors and the interactions between them coincide into a natural emergent story. The game never takes itself too seriously, and it allows for creative freedom. Haemimont Games hopes to see a thriving community of players and modders who are eager to tackle new challenges and discover innovative ways to approach the game with every playthrough.

Stranded: Alien Dawn was launched on April 25, 2021, after being in Steam’s Early Access space for several months. The game aims to sustain the fun that underpins each (mis)adventure, thus keeping players coming back for more. Dyankov is confident that the game will continue to inspire players with a passion for interplanetary colonization.


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