Patron, the popular survival citybuilder game, is approaching its two-year anniversary. To mark this milestone, the developers have released an exciting update that introduces a new game mode called Creative Mode. In this mode, players no longer have to struggle with social tensions and disasters. Instead, they can embrace the role of the ultimate medieval urbanist and unleash their creativity.

According to the official announcement, Creative Mode is a special game mode that grants players access to everything. The entire research tree is available right from the start, resources are infinite, citizens will always spawn in sufficient numbers, and all buildings are open for construction. This mode aims to provide players with endless possibilities and complete freedom to design and build their dream city.

Introduction of Sandbox Mode and Other Enhancements

The previous default mode, which was the standard gameplay experience, has been renamed “sandbox” in the latest update (v1.610.0). Alongside the introduction of Creative Mode, several improvements have been made to the sandbox mode as well.

One notable addition is the “automatic jobs board,” a feature that minimizes micromanagement by automatically assigning available citizens to various job positions within the town. This enhancement streamlines the gameplay process and allows players to focus more on the overall management and development of their city.

Furthermore, the update includes various graphical optimizations to enhance performance and improve the visual experience. Additionally, several localization fixes have been implemented to ensure a smoother and more immersive gaming experience for players across different regions.

A Unique Social Simulation Experience

While Patron shares similarities with survival townbuilder Banished, it sets itself apart through its intricate social simulation mechanics. In Patron, every citizen belongs to a specific social group, and each group reacts differently to the player’s decisions based on their views on religion, immigration, loyalty, poverty, and more. The choices made by players can have long-lasting and unforeseen consequences that may determine the success or failure of their city.

Appealing to Different Types of Players

For players who enjoy survival citybuilders but often find themselves short on time, the introduction of Creative Mode in Patron is a welcome addition. This mode allows players to quickly dive into the game, unleash their creativity, and construct visually stunning cities without the constraints of limited resources or challenging social dynamics. Furthermore, with the current 70% discount on Steam, it is an opportune time for players to explore the world of Patron and indulge in the joys of citybuilding.


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