Torpor Games, the developer of Suzerain, has announced their future plans for the game. Suzerain, the political RPG, will be getting a paid expansion called Kingdom of Rizia and a free 2.0 update called Amendment. The announcement was made during this week’s LudoNarraCon digital fest.

Amendment Update

The upcoming free 2.0 Amendment update aims to enhance the base game of Suzerain. The update, set to launch in the coming months, is expected to add a Torpor Mode feature that allows manual saving after completing the game once. This feature was much requested by players. Additionally, the update includes world map integration and new interactions. The update will also add more political scheming to the game with additional story content that delves into the constitutional amendment, Bludish rights, and former Presidents.

Kingdom of Rizia Expansion

The paid Kingdom of Rizia expansion is set four years before the events in Suzerain and aims to expand the universe’s lore. The expansion replaces the presidential leadership system with a new monarchy system of government, placing the player on the throne of Rizia. The core gameplay mechanics remain the same, but the expansion will introduce new characters, situations, and choices. Players will be required to negotiate and/or scheme their way across neighboring nations as geopolitical tensions begin to rise. The expansion is set to launch later this year.

Pricing and Availability

The developers have decided to raise the price of Suzerain from $15 to $20 when the 2.0 update drops to reflect the value that Suzerain will offer and to help the developers in achieving their goals. For now, Suzerain is available at a whopping 70% discount on Steam, with a price of £3.80/€4.50/$4.50.

With the addition of the Kingdom of Rizia expansion and Amendment update, Suzerain is set to get even better. The new features and content are expected to enhance the gameplay experience and expand the game’s universe. The developers aim to offer players more value for their money, and the price increase is justified by the additional content and features. Suzerain is a game that has captivated players with its political web, and the new features are expected to make it even more exciting.


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