Tape To Tape, which has just been released in early access, combines arcade-like ice hockey action with roguelike elements. It’s like ‘NHL 94 meets Hades’. During a run, you play hockey matches while travelling through a strange land, earning upgrades that give your team better stats and new abilities. This unique concept is both fascinating and whimsical, with a silly tone and some playful violence.

The Gameplay

In Tape To Tape, you take to the ice with your friends to play hockey and take down the opposing team. The gameplay is sweet and simple, reminiscent of old ice hockey games. However, it gets more complex when the roguelike elements come into play. As you progress through the game, you discover items, upgrades, and abilities that can enhance your team’s performance. Some of these power-ups offer new special moves, some boost your players’ stats, while others cheat the rules of hockey. In fact, some of them cheat quite violently. And don’t be surprised if your opponents break the rules right back at you.

Tape To Tape also offers cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, which can be played locally or over Steam Remote Play. Additionally, the game has a campaign mode that can be played with friends.

According to the developers, Tape To Tape is essentially complete and can be played from start to finish. The game is currently in early access, and the developers plan to work on new features such as manual goalies and a fighting mode, as well as adding more items, power-ups, and teams. They also aim to polish the campaign and improve the quality of life for players. Early access is expected to last until the end of the year, although this could change.

Tape To Tape is now available on Steam for Windows. A 10% launch discount is available until Wednesday the 10th, bringing the price down to £15.07/€17.55/€17.99. The game is developed by Excellent Rectangle and published by Null Games. While there are some concerns about the game’s perfunctory roguelike side and wonky AI, it will be interesting to see how the game develops over the coming months.


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