Teslagrad 2, the sequel to the 2013 indie game Teslagrad, has been released, and it’s time to see if Norwegian studio Rain Games can capture lightning in a bottle once more. The game follows Lumina, a young girl who is stranded on Wyrmheim, a world heavily inspired by Scandinavia, after being attacked by Vikings on her travels. She must harness and upgrade her electromagnetic powers to explore the world and find a way back home to her family.


Teslagrad 2 is a 2D platformer with light Metroidvania elements. The gameplay is exceptional, with a larger focus on traversing the environment through puzzle-solving than on the story. The game’s core is electricity and magnetism, and players will discover several new electric-based powers that will increase their mobility and strength. The slide ability is a highlight, allowing players to slide indefinitely while building up speed and momentum. The joy of mobility is a cornerstone of the game, and players are constantly faced with puzzles and challenges that test their movement in new and exciting ways. There are also several bosses to face, each testing the player’s newly acquired powers.

Visuals and Music

The visuals in Teslagrad 2 are incredible, with a gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetic that runs smoothly on the Switch OLED Model. The Nordic folk music used in the game’s orchestral soundtrack doesn’t mesh as well with the gameplay and atmosphere compared to the more electronic pieces.


The game’s length is the biggest complaint, as it takes roughly 2-3 hours to reach the credits on a first playthrough. While there are ways to extend the playtime, such as seeking out the game’s 81 collectible cards and handful of secret upgrades, there is little to encourage coming back once the credits have been reached.

Teslagrad 2 is undeniably a great follow-up to the original, with a gorgeous aesthetic and excellent movement mechanics. The short length may come as a disappointment given the 10-year gap between this sequel and the original game, but if you are a fan of the original Teslagrad or games with great mobility in general, you will surely enjoy Teslagrad 2.


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