The Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown social channels have recently become active, hinting at an upcoming update. A new video has been released, teasing a half-hour presentation scheduled for next week on July 12th. The presentation will be hosted on the Nacon YouTube channel and will include gameplay footage.

Delays and Release Date Change

After facing a delay last year, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown was initially expected to release in 2023. However, it appears that another delay has occurred, pushing the game’s release date to the first quarter of 2024. This information was revealed in a recent Nacon financial report uploaded last week.

Unexpected Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Versions

Interestingly, the same financial report also mentions that Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is still planned for release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This comes as a surprise since these versions were reportedly cancelled last year. The official website for the game still lists a “2023” release date, further adding to the confusion.

Mysterious Nintendo Switch Version

No updates have been provided regarding the Nintendo Switch version of the game. It has been a while since any information was shared about this particular release. As of now, it remains uncertain whether the Nintendo Switch version will still be developed and released alongside the other platforms.

While Nacon has not officially confirmed another delay, sources have reached out for further information. If any new developments arise, we will keep you informed. Once Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown finally launches, players can look forward to an immersive “open world driving and lifestyle experience” set in a 1:1 scale version of Hong Kong Island.


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