If you’re tired of playing the same old cozy games, such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, there are plenty of other options to explore on PC. Cozy games are defined as games with soft gameplay and visuals, and they often focus on themes of farming and friendship. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best cozy games on PC that you should try if you’re looking for a new, relaxing experience.

The Best Cozy Games to Play

Cozy Grove, developed by Spry Fox, is a pastel and painterly collectathon game that is perfect for fans of Animal Crossing. As a new Spirit Scout, you’ll explore an island full of ghostly animals who need your help. Like Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove uses a real-world clock system to dole out its story. The game is intended to be played for only one or two hours each day, so it’s perfect for those who want a relaxing experience that won’t consume too much time.

Staxel, developed by Stairway Games, is a farming simulator that features over two dozen dateable characters. In addition to farming, there are plenty of other activities to do on the island, such as fishing, crafting, mining, and cleaning up trash to restore its natural beauty. With a charming, laid-back atmosphere, Staxel is an ideal game for those who want to relax and unwind.

Book of Travels, developed by Might and Delight, is a beautiful RPG that features a world where magic is done by brewing teas and tying knots. The game is set on the Braided Shore, and you’ll spend your time fishing and trading, buying spells that create fireworks, and engaging in turn-based combat. With a cozy soundtrack and lovely world, Book of Travels is perfect for those who want to play an online game that doesn’t require too much effort.


Whether you’re a fan of farming simulators or RPGs, there are plenty of cozy games on PC that you can enjoy. From Staxel to Book of Travels and Cozy Grove, these games are perfect for those who want a relaxing, low-key experience. So if you’re looking for a new game to play, be sure to check out these cozy games on PC.


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