The Callisto Protocol, a survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios, is set to conclude its story with the launch of its Final Transmission DLC on June 27, 2023. The Final Transmission DLC is expected to wrap up the bloody tale of protagonist Jacob Lee, who is stranded on the deadly moon of Callisto in the game’s main campaign.

The Final Transmission DLC will feature Jacob Lee again, as he discovers a new, hulking life form in the bowels of Black Iron Prison. However, Striking Distance Studios has kept the details of the Final Transmission DLC under wraps, with only a teaser trailer offering minimal clues.

When the Final Transmission DLC was initially announced as part of the game’s season pass, it promised players the chance to “dig deeper into the horrifying secrets of The Callisto Protocol.” Upon its launch, the final chapter will be available for everyone who purchased the game’s season pass, and it’s expected to be available as a standalone download as well. PlayStation users will have access to the DLC first on June 27, followed by PC and Xbox users on June 29.

The announcement suggests that the Final Transmission DLC will be the last story-based chapter for The Callisto Protocol. Reports indicate that the game hasn’t sold as well as projected, with only 2 million copies sold by early 2023, well short of the targeted 5 million sales. The game’s mixed reviews and rocky launch on PC are believed to have contributed to its poor sales.

In a review of The Callisto Protocol, GamesHub described the game as “suspended between new ideas and familiar rhythms.” While the game has a solid foundation, it defers to the inspirations of Callisto’s many predecessors instead of subverting expectations or introducing new ideas. The review concludes that “an entirely new vision would have stuck around in the bloodstream a little longer.”

Despite its lackluster sales, The Callisto Protocol has captured the attention of horror game fans with its atmospheric setting and gruesome gameplay. The Final Transmission DLC promises to deliver a heart-pounding conclusion to the game’s story, and players are eagerly awaiting its release.


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