Dark Envoy, an upcoming tactical CRPG, is a game that offers a unique combination of high fantasy magic and steampunk firearms. Set in the war-ravaged world of Jäan, you play as a refugee adventurer hoping to make a difference. The game allows you to choose from a variety of classes and specializations, offering different playstyles and abilities. Additionally, Dark Envoy supports co-op gameplay, where you can bring a friend along on your adventures.

In Dark Envoy, the leading siblings, Kaela and Malakai, are the main characters, and they can choose between four classes and 12 specializations. The game introduces us to two of these classes through a new video. Kaela takes on the role of an adept elementalist, capable of wielding powerful spells. Malakai, on the other hand, becomes a gadget-throwing engineer, utilizing technological weapons to overcome challenges. These classes offer distinct playstyles and abilities, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

Exploring Different Paths

Dark Envoy also features six other companions, each assigned to their own unique class. This means that regardless of the choices you make for Kaela and Malakai, you can experiment with different movesets and skill trees by recruiting these companions. Whether you prefer a robo-ranger like Tet or any other class, the game offers a variety of options to suit your playstyle and preferences.

A Diverse Combat Experience

Battles in Dark Envoy can be experienced in real-time or in tactical mode, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred playstyle. In real-time, you can unleash devastating attacks and steamroll through weaker enemies. However, when faced with more challenging encounters, the ability to slow down the action in tactical mode becomes invaluable. This allows you to strategize and make calculated decisions, especially when dealing with overwhelming flamethrowers and area-of-effect moves.

From the Developers of Tower Of Time

Developed by Event Horizon, the team behind the critically acclaimed tactical CRPG Tower Of Time, Dark Envoy promises to deliver a rich and immersive RPG experience. Tower Of Time received praise for its depth, craftsmanship, and innovative gameplay mechanics. With Dark Envoy, the developers aim to build upon their past success and offer players an even more captivating and memorable journey.

While Dark Envoy does not have a confirmed release date yet, it is expected to launch on Steam and GOG later this year. As players eagerly await the game’s arrival, it serves as a reminder of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the world of CRPGs. Until then, there’s plenty of time to explore the vast landscapes of Jäan and hone your skills as a powerful adventurer. Maybe by the time Dark Envoy is released, you’ll have already conquered Baldur’s Gate 3.

Overall, Dark Envoy presents an intriguing blend of high fantasy and steampunk elements, offering players a wide range of classes, specializations, and gameplay choices. With its captivating world and engaging combat mechanics, it has the potential to be a standout title in the CRPG genre. So, gear up, choose your path, and prepare for an epic adventure in Dark Envoy.


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