Being thrust into a position of leadership amidst a sinking yakuza family ship is no easy feat. This is precisely the predicament that Hamura Kyohei finds himself in. As we delve deeper into the intricate and often horrifying events at the heart of the game Judgment, it becomes evident that our brash, white-suited family captain is overwhelmed and resorting to violence as his only means of survival. Making poor life choices further compounds his problems. In fact, the entire first chapter revolves around the daunting task of defending Hamura in court against a murder charge. The challenge lies not only in the mountain of evidence against him but also in our own internal struggle to see justice served given his unsavory behavior.

A Captivating Enigma

Despite our initial aversion towards Hamura, his strangely powerful charisma and mysterious role in the unfolding mysteries of the game gradually make him one of the most captivating characters. The first chapter of Judgment highlights his importance, leaving no doubt that he holds crucial answers. Thus, simply allowing him to perish after fighting tooth and nail to keep him out of jail is not an option.

Defending Hamura in battles, whether through strategic thinking or physical combat, often feels like succumbing to a sunk-cost fallacy. His abrasive nature serves as a stark contrast to the main protagonist Yagami and his gentle giant ex-yakuza assistant Kaito. Whilst all three possess unwavering convictions, their priorities diverge drastically. Consequently, Hamura becomes an infuriating thorn in the side, constantly challenging the Yagami Detective Agency throughout their perilous journey.

As much as we find ourselves despising Hamura, the intricate pieces of his character begin to unravel, revealing his heavy burden to protect his family and the patriarch. While it initially appears that he sought to usurp Matsugane, we gradually witness his sincere efforts to defend the family in a world where survival necessitates playing dirty, and kindness is often met with death.

After spending countless hours engaging in fierce battles with Hamura and ensuring his safety, his story eventually reaches its conclusion amidst a chaotic spiral of conspiracy that engulfs the game. Paradoxically, despite his obnoxious demeanor, a sense of sadness lingers within us. Throughout our journey, we have become inexplicably attached to Hamura. He may be an insufferable individual, but he’s our insufferable individual.

A Complex Exploration of Humanity

Judgment masterfully encapsulates the complexity of human nature through the character of Hamura Kyohei. The game challenges players to navigate the blurred lines between right and wrong, good and bad, and justice and redemption. As Hamura’s true intentions gradually unfold, players are faced with the perplexing task of reconciling their initial dislike for him with the realization of his sacrifices. Judgment teaches us that even the most repugnant characters can elicit unexpected emotions and reveal the depth of their humanity.


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