The highly anticipated indie JRPG, WrestleQuest, was met with disappointment as its launch was abruptly delayed just hours before it was scheduled to hit the gaming market. Set to debut on August 22, WrestleQuest was poised to captivate wrestling enthusiasts on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam. However, in an unforeseen turn of events, the game’s developers encountered a debilitating multidevice save bug that threatened to tarnish the wrestling experience for players worldwide.

The Crucial Discovery

In their final preparations, the managers of WrestleQuest stumbled upon a critical flaw during routine checks on one of the launch platforms. It was revealed that players risked losing their in-game progress when playing WrestleQuest on multiple devices. Recognizing the significance of progress in a game boasting hours of immersive content, the developers deemed it imperative to rectify this bug before unleashing the game to avid fans. In the spirit of loyalty to its supporters, the decision was made to delay the launch and address the issue with utmost dedication.

A Determined Comeback

While the setback may have dealt a crushing blow to WrestleQuest, the game by no means intends to stay down for the count. Fuelled by the resilience and tenacity that define the world of professional wrestling, WrestleQuest vows to undergo intensive training, offer its prayers, and fortify itself with the essential “vitamins” necessary for a successful return. The game’s developers have committed themselves to ironing out the save bug within the next two weeks, aiming to provide an enhanced and seamless experience for the monumental crowd of 145,000 wrestling enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its launch.

Unleashing the Fury

The anticipation builds as WrestleQuest, equipped with an arsenal of legendary wrestling personas such as Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Andre the Giant, gears up to conquer all its intended gaming platforms on August 22. With the world watching and a staggering audience of 279,000 fervent wrestlemaniacs counting down to the momentous occasion, WrestleQuest is prepared to unleash its full potential. When the save bug finds itself cornered and vulnerable, the game will show no mercy, demonstrating its commitment to providing an unforgettable wrestling experience.

While the delay of WrestleQuest may have disappointed fans and caused a temporary setback, it is evident that the game’s developers prioritize the satisfaction and enjoyment of their audience above all else. Despite the challenges faced, WrestleQuest’s determination to overcome obstacles and deliver a remarkable gaming experience shines through. So mark your calendars, wrestling enthusiasts, because on August 22, WrestleQuest will step back into the ring, ready to deliver a body slam of exhilaration and entertainment that will undoubtedly etch its name into the annals of gaming history.


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