With its massive player base of over 400 million people, the popular video game Fortnite has taken an unexpected turn as Epic Games approves the creation of the first Holocaust Museum within the game. This groundbreaking decision has been met with both praise and criticism, as it aims to bring awareness of the Holocaust to a new audience while navigating the challenges of representing such a significant historical event in a gaming context.

A Developer’s Mission

Luc Bernard, the game developer behind this ambitious project, has previously tackled the subject of the Holocaust in his free game “Light in the Darkness.” Bernard believes that many games fail to adequately address the horrors of the Holocaust, comparing it to denying the existence of such a significant historical event. Through his previous project and now with the introduction of the Holocaust Museum in Fortnite, Bernard aims to shed light on the devastating realities faced by European Jews during World War II.

Addressing Historical Ignorance

One striking statistic that motivated the creation of the Holocaust Museum in Fortnite is the fact that 80% of Americans have never visited a museum. By integrating this educational experience within the widely popular game, Bernard hopes to reach a vast number of players who may otherwise remain unaware or misinformed about the Holocaust. The Museum’s inclusion in Fortnite truly has the potential to be game-changing in terms of educating a global audience.

The Risks of Misrepresentation

As the digital landscape constantly evolves, concerns about the misuse of technology in distorting historical truth have become increasingly significant. Bernard’s worries about the potential misuse of artificial intelligence to manipulate evidence and challenge the authenticity of the Holocaust are valid. The introduction of AI-generated content presents a potential threat to the accuracy of historical events. Bernard emphasizes the importance of preserving photographic evidence before the last remaining Holocaust survivors pass away.

Exploring the Museum

The virtual Holocaust Museum in Fortnite offers a diverse range of exhibits that shed light on different aspects of this dark period in history. It goes beyond the well-known events and explores lesser-known experiences of Jews in Tunisia and Greece during the Holocaust. Visitors to the museum can dive into specific events, such as Kristallnacht, which serves as a chilling reminder of the violence and persecution suffered by the Jewish community in Germany in 1938. One notable tribute within the museum is dedicated to Abdol Hossein Sardari, an Iranian diplomat who courageously saved numerous Jewish lives by issuing passports in occupied France.

With the creation of the first Holocaust Museum in Fortnite, Epic Games and Luc Bernard have embarked on an ambitious educational initiative. Introducing such a significant historical event into a popular video game raises both commendations and concerns. By navigating the challenges of representing the Holocaust in a game, this groundbreaking project has the potential to reach millions of players and educate them about a pivotal moment in history. The integration of educational experiences within widely accessible platforms like Fortnite could truly alter the way in which information about the Holocaust is disseminated and understood.


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