Circana, formerly known as the NPD Group, recently conducted a PlayerPulse study revealing a significant growth in the number of female gamers in the United States. Contrary to the long-standing belief that women don’t make up a substantial portion of gaming audiences, the numbers are steadily increasing.

The Stats

According to Circana’s April 2023 report, 47% of console gamers in the US are women. Among the various consoles, the Nintendo Switch emerges as the most favorably owned by females, with 52% claiming ownership. Following closely behind is the Xbox Series X|S, with 45% ownership by women, while the figure drops slightly to 41% for PS5. The study also reveals that women constitute 50% of PC video game players and 54% of mobile game players.

Research Integrity

Circana took great care to ensure accurate and reliable data. The study’s Executive Director, Mat Piscatella, shared details on Twitter regarding the demographics of the sample pool and the methodology used for data collection. The team sampled over 10,000 households with participants over the age of 13. Since it is a rotating sample, the participants may vary across different surveys. To eliminate any biases or errors, Circana implemented a weighting system for each monthly dataset. This system takes into account representative distributions of platform usage and investment. Additionally, Circana relies on aggregated, cross-product samples to create accurate models. The data is updated quarterly to account for market shifts.

Consistency in Findings

Circana’s survey echoes multiple previous reports highlighting the increasing number of female gamers. This includes a report from the ESA last year, as reported by The consistency among these studies confirms that women continue to have a keen interest in gaming.

Embracing Inclusivity

With each passing year, the number of female gamers in the United States is on the rise. The Circana study demolishes the long-standing stereotype that gaming is predominantly a male-dominated activity. As more women join the gaming community, it is essential for the industry to acknowledge and cater to their needs and preferences. Recognizing the significant presence of women in gaming will not only foster inclusivity but also lead to the development of more diverse and engaging gaming experiences for everyone.


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