Baldur’s Gate 3, developed by Larian Studios, has garnered widespread acclaim since its release. However, fans anxiously awaiting news of an expansion may have to hold their breath a little longer. Larian CEO, Swen Vincke, recently revealed that the studio has yet to embark on creating an expansion for the game. This hesitation stems from the high-level limitations imposed by the tabletop Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) adventures that Baldur’s Gate 3 draws inspiration from.

A Different Approach

Vincke explains that high-level adventures require a different approach when it comes to developing compelling antagonists for players to face. Such adversaries would necessitate significant development effort to execute properly, transforming a potential expansion into a full-fledged development project. The level cap in Baldur’s Gate 3 currently restricts characters to level 12, preventing players from ascending to near-godhood. While the idea of an expansion may sound appealing at first glance, Vincke emphasizes that the reality is far more complicated than meets the eye.

Developing content beyond the level cap would demand a tremendous amount of effort to ensure a seamless and engaging experience. Many D&D adventures limit themselves to sub-level 12 precisely because of the complexities involved in higher-level gameplay. Larian Studios recognizes the challenges associated with creating an expansion that lives up to their own high standards. They want to provide an expansion that not only expands the game’s narrative but also offers a captivating experience for players.

Vincke expresses hesitancy in making any premature announcements regarding an expansion. The fear is that if development ends up being lackluster, fans may end up disappointed. Larian Studios prides itself on delivering exceptional gaming experiences, and they are unwilling to compromise that standard. Vincke highlights the importance of avoiding a situation where they have to present a lackluster product to their audience and ask them to purchase it. This commitment to quality reflects Larian’s dedication to ensuring player satisfaction.

The Future of Larian Studios

While an expansion for Baldur’s Gate 3 remains uncertain, Larian Studios has plans for the future. Vincke mentions a potential return to the Divinity: Original Sin series, but emphasizes the need for a creative refresh before pursuing such a project. This break allows the development team to recharge and bring fresh ideas to the table. Larian Studios recognizes that a period of rejuvenation is necessary to maintain their reputation for delivering immersive and innovative gaming experiences.

Larian Studios’ hesitation to embark on developing an expansion for Baldur’s Gate 3 is rooted in the complexities associated with high-level gameplay and the potential disappointment that may arise if the results fall short of expectations. While fans may have to wait for expansion news, Larian Studios remains committed to providing exceptional gaming experiences and plans to explore new avenues, such as a potential return to the Divinity: Original Sin series, in the future.


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