Last month, Sonic Origins Plus made its highly anticipated debut, immersing players in a whirlwind of retro hedgehog mayhem. While many gamers relished the opportunity to revisit these beloved titles, a sense of confusion arose regarding the inclusion of the Game Gear versions instead of their Master System counterparts. Are we to expect a Sonic Origins Plus Plus, or has Sega abandoned the Master System entirely?

A Tribute to the Master System

In an earnest endeavor to preserve the memory of this iconic console, the esteemed Alex from Nintendo Life has produced a captivating video. In this video, he takes us on a nostalgic journey through his cherished childhood memories of the Master System, highlighting the eight pivotal games that shaped his gaming experience.

Rediscovering Classic Gems

Alex’s video showcases a plethora of classic titles, including the renowned Sonic the Hedgehog and Xenon 2. However, amidst the treasure trove of memorable games, there are also some forgettable ones that may be best left in the annals of history (*cough* Superman *cough*). Rest assured, though, that these games are thoroughly discussed once you move beyond Alex’s initial confession that his first console was not from Nintendo. He quickly came to appreciate the wonders of the Master System.

Unveiling the Full Nostalgic Experience

To fully immerse yourself in the glory of these timeless games and more, we urge you to watch the complete video located at the top of this article. Experience the enchantment of the Master System and relive the joyous moments that shaped an entire generation of gamers.


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