Lucid Motors, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently announced a significant price drop across its Air lineup. This move aims to make its luxury electric vehicles more accessible to a broader range of consumers. In a press release shared with The Verge, Lucid Motors revealed the reduced pricing, allowing customers to purchase two of its flagship models for less than $100,000.

The New Pricing

The revised pricing for the Lucid Air lineup is as follows: the Air Grand Touring is now priced at $125,600 (a reduction from $154,000), the Air Touring at $95,000 (down from $107,400), and the Air Pure at $82,400 (decreased from $87,400). However, it is important to note that the initial pricing mentioned for the Lucid Air Pure is different, as it started at $77,400. According to Lucid’s director of press communications, Andrew Hussey, the new prices only apply to the all-wheel-drive version of the car, priced at $82,900. This adjustment still offers customers a slight discount from the original price. On the other hand, the rear-wheel-drive version is expected to be available in September 2023.

Instead of directly emphasizing the price reduction, Lucid Motors chose to showcase its new leasing terms in its social media communication. By focusing on flexible leasing options, Lucid aims to capture the attention of potential buyers who may have been previously deterred by the higher price points. These leasing terms will remain valid until the end of August, providing customers with an additional incentive to consider purchasing a Lucid electric vehicle.

The Impact on the Market

This notable price drop from Lucid Motors has prompted discussions about its potential impact on the electric vehicle market. As the industry grows and evolves, affordability remains one of the key factors in determining widespread adoption. By making luxury electric vehicles more accessible, Lucid Motors is pushing the boundaries and challenging established automakers in the market.

The recent announcement marks Lucid Motors’ first significant price drop since its previous pricing adjustment in May last year. At that time, the company faced production challenges and financial losses, leading to the decision to raise prices. However, earlier this year, Lucid Motors introduced a $7,500 “tax credit” in response to Tesla’s price reduction. Nonetheless, this latest price drop represents a significant development for the company, demonstrating its commitment to providing competitive pricing in the luxury electric vehicle segment.

With its latest price drop, Lucid Motors is redefining affordable luxury in the electric vehicle market. By reducing the prices of its Air lineup, the company is making significant strides toward capturing a larger consumer base. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, Lucid Motors’ pricing strategy positions the company as a strong competitor in the market. By offering premium features, advanced technology, and now more affordable pricing, Lucid Motors is paving the way for a sustainable and electrified future of transportation.


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