As Nintendo continues to expand its collaboration with LEGO, fans are eagerly speculating which beloved franchise will be the next to receive the brick treatment. While rumors initially pointed towards Zelda as the front-runner for a LEGO adaptation, recent buzz suggests that Animal Crossing might take the spotlight instead. Let’s dive into the speculations surrounding LEGO’s potential Animal Crossing sets and what this could mean for fans.

Rumors Galore

Intriguing murmurs about multiple Animal Crossing LEGO sets surfaced on the r/LegoLeak Reddit forum. The initial buzz ignited from an Instagram LEGO leaker, exabrickslegogo_, who disclosed that five distinct Animal Crossing-themed sets are currently in development and are slated to release in March 2024. This leak was echoed by other notable sources such as 1414falconfan and the popular YouTube channel Brick Clicker.

What to Expect?

With limited details available, the contents of these sets remain shrouded in mystery. However, if the rumors hold true, fans can anticipate a range of prices from $14.99 to $74.99 for these upcoming LEGO sets. Perhaps the most exciting aspect hinted at in the leaks is the inclusion of original molded heads for the Animal Crossing Minifigures. Imagining the beloved characters from the game transformed into LEGO form is undoubtedly thrilling for fans worldwide.

While the leaked information offers little insight into the specifics of each set, fans have already begun brainstorming the possible scenes that could be recreated in LEGO form. From iconic locations like Nook’s Cranny, Town Hall, or Redd’s boat to popular characters like K.K. Slider, the potential for creating a charming and immersive Animal Crossing LEGO experience is vast. Each set could potentially transport fans into their own miniaturized version of the idyllic animal village they so fondly cherish.

Naturally, it’s important to approach these rumors with caution. Although multiple reputable leakers have corroborated the information, it is crucial to remember that it is still an unverified rumor. While the prospect of Animal Crossing LEGO sets is undeniably exciting, fans should temper their expectations until LEGO makes an official announcement. It would undoubtedly be prudent to reserve any excitement or plans to save up “Bells” until more substantial information emerges.

The vibrant and adored world of Animal Crossing might soon receive its own LEGO adaptation, if the rumors circulating within the LEGO community hold any weight. Fans can only hope that the whispers of upcoming Animal Crossing sets come to fruition, allowing them to blend the creativity of LEGO with the tranquility of their favorite virtual village. With the potential for unique character minifigures and endlessly imaginative set designs, an Animal Crossing LEGO collaboration could truly be a dream come true for Nintendo and LEGO enthusiasts alike. Until then, fans must patiently await an official announcement, savoring the anticipation of what lies on the horizon.


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