The game industry is buzzing with excitement over the release of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida, renowned producer of Final Fantasy 14 and the upcoming Final Fantasy 16, is also eagerly anticipating the new game. Yoshi-P frequently hosts live streams where he discusses upcoming content for Final Fantasy 14. During a recent stream that focused on Patch 6.4, he made an unusual entrance. Rather than sitting down and greeting fans, he came in while playing Tears of the Kingdom on the new, special edition Zelda-themed Switch.

Fans on the FF14 Discord provided unofficial translations of the stream, revealing that Yoshida picked up the game and console while in Shinjuku, and received interesting comments from the shopkeeper. If you look closely at the console, you’ll notice that Yoshi-P is only in the opening seconds of the game. He admits that he hasn’t made much progress as he couldn’t help but view the game from the perspective of a developer.

A Reminder of Yoshi-P’s Passion for Gaming

The moment received a lot of attention from fans, who were excited to see that Yoshi-P is an enthusiastic gamer who enjoys new releases just like them. In fact, the phrase ‘Yoshi-P Zelda’ even trended in Japan for a time. While some may have been disappointed that the live stream didn’t focus entirely on Final Fantasy 14, longtime players were thrilled to see that Yoshi-P shares their passion for gaming.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.4 is set to release on May 23, while Tears of the Kingdom is already available. Despite the excitement surrounding the new game, some fans have urged others to let Yoshi-P play in peace. Regardless, it’s clear that the release of Tears of the Kingdom has brought joy and excitement to both fans and industry professionals alike.


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