After a period of relative silence, Hitman 3, now known as Hitman: World of Assassination, is excited to announce the arrival of a new elusive target this autumn. This marks the first elusive target in two years, creating a buzz of anticipation among fans of the murder simulation game. The target is none other than The Drop, portrayed by real-world DJ Dimitri Vegas.

The Mysterious Character: The Drop

Dimitri Vegas takes on the role of The Drop, a DJ-turned-drug impresario with ambitions to control the scene by any means necessary. While details about The Drop are scarce, elusive targets are known to appear in existing levels for a limited time. Players are given a singular opportunity to eliminate the target, but they must proceed with caution as failure results in the loss of retries. However, there is a chance for redemption if the target resurfaces in the future, although this may take months or even years.

Incorporating the entire Hitman trilogy into the World of Assassination bundle has proven to be a successful move. Whether players choose to experience the games as linear stories or dynamic sandboxes, the trilogy offers exceptional gameplay. IO Interactive, the studio behind Hitman, consistently updates and maintains the games through patches, re-runs of elusive targets, and timed events. One of the most intriguing additions to the series is the roguelike Freelancer mode, which injects new life into old missions and provides a fresh gameplay experience.

While fans eagerly await the arrival of the new elusive target, it’s worth noting that the Hitman series is taking a hiatus for promising reasons. IO Interactive has shifted its focus to developing a James Bond game and an “online fantasy RPG.” This pause in the Hitman series presents an opportunity for the studio to explore new narratives and gameplay mechanics while keeping fans engaged with the promise of future content.

As the anticipation builds for the arrival of The Drop, players of Hitman: World of Assassination have much to look forward to. The return of elusive targets adds an element of excitement and challenge to the already captivating gameplay. The involvement of Dimitri Vegas brings a sense of realism and intrigue to The Drop’s character, making the upcoming mission all the more enticing. With IO Interactive’s dedication to maintaining the game and introducing innovative modes like Freelancer, Hitman: World of Assassination continues to captivate fans and solidify its position as an exceptional stealth-action game.


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