EA’s highly anticipated expansion pack, The Sims 4: Horse Ranch, is set to launch on July 20, 2023. This beloved life simulation game takes players to a new world called Chestnut Ridge, where they can immerse themselves in the exciting world of ranch life. The expansion introduces two new animal types, the ability to add patterns to ceilings in build mode, and the largest residential lot ever seen in The Sims 4.

Chestnut Ridge is a picturesque location with rolling plains and a total of 13 lots, 12 of which are already built on. The standout feature is the massive 64 x 64 residential lot, offering players ample space to build their dream ranch. This addresses a long-standing issue in the game, as previous lots felt cramped and limited in size. Additionally, players can look forward to discovering “spooky spots” and uncovering secrets throughout the world, particularly in an area called Galloping Gulch, where mysterious ranchers reside.

Become a Nectar-Maker and Customize Your Horses

One of the key features of The Sims 4: Horse Ranch is the ability to brew and sell your own Nectar. This in-game term refers to juices and alcoholic beverages, allowing players to become independent brewers. They can create unique blends, name their creations, and even gift them to other Sims during special occasions.

Of course, the expansion wouldn’t be complete without horses. Similar to cats and dogs, horses can be added to your household roster, with a maximum limit of eight members. Players have the freedom to fully customize their horses in Create-A-Sim, including adding patterns to their coats, clothes, and accessories. While it’s possible to add a unicorn horn for cosmetic purposes, it’s important to note that it won’t grant any special powers to the horse. Although it would have been exciting to see occult-type horses, the game developers have left room for potential mods in the future.

Horses have their own set of skills, which can be showcased at county shows. They also possess 11 personality traits that can be acquired over time. Sims themselves have new traits and aspirations, such as Rancher and Horse-Whisperer, allowing them to form stronger bonds with their equine companions. The horses in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch are the most detailed and comprehensive pet option in the game thus far, with unique tempers that players must navigate while training and handling them.

Mini-Goats and Base Game Changes

In addition to horses, players can also rear mini-goats in Horse Ranch. These adorable creatures function similarly to chickens and llamas from the Cottage Living expansion. They don’t count toward the household limit and can be farmed for wool and milk daily. While there aren’t any specific interactions between different animals, they do acknowledge each other’s presence.

The expansion also brings some base game changes. Players will have access to three sister chili recipes, paying homage to the Native American roots of Chestnut Ridge. Additionally, ceiling patterns will be available to all players, allowing for greater customization of their homes. The free camera tool will also be introduced, enabling players to view their ceilings properly and apply signs and decals to them.

In terms of aesthetics, Horse Ranch offers unique wall decorations such as a cowplant wall-mounted skull, reminiscent of a wild west bison skull. Players can also display trophies and medals to celebrate their horse’s skills and achievements at the horse show.

While The Sims 4: Horse Ranch may feel somewhat familiar due to its similarities with previous expansions, it is undeniably a detailed and cozy addition to the game. The expansion caters to animal lovers, offering a range of interactions and customization options for horses and mini-goats. However, some players may have hoped for more unique and evolving gameplay mechanics, especially when interacting with animals from other packs. Despite these minor drawbacks, the expansive size of Chestnut Ridge promises an exciting and immersive experience for players when the expansion releases on July 20.


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