The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a box office hit that has grossed over $1 billion, has recently become a victim of online piracy. A Twitter account with over 1.1 million followers uploaded the film in two parts in high definition via the platform’s Blue subscription service, which allows hour-long video uploads. The movie was viewed over 9 million times before Twitter removed it, which occurred seven hours after it was uploaded. The incident has raised concerns about Twitter’s staff cuts and the potential for Blue subscribers to misuse the platform’s tools. It is still uncertain whether the account responsible for the leak will be suspended or banned.

Movie Continues to Grow Despite Illegal Posting

Despite the illegal posting, the Super Mario Bros. Movie’s box office revenue has continued to grow, making it one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. It has double the revenue of any other video game movie. This movie is now one of only ten animated films to reach the $1 billion worldwide revenue milestone. In an interview with the Japanese press, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto said that “You need some luck to achieve this level of success for a film. While many foreign critics have given the movie relatively low ratings, I think that also contributed to the movie’s notoriety and buzz.”

Twitter’s Ability to Prevent Piracy in Question

This leak raises concerns about Twitter’s ability to prevent piracy. With the proliferation of video streaming services, piracy remains a significant concern for the entertainment industry. Twitter’s staff reductions and the potential misuse of its tools by Blue subscribers pose a significant challenge to prevent piracy on its platform. For more information, read GameSpot’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie review.


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