The upcoming Dead Reckoning Part One movie promises to be another thrilling addition to the Mission: Impossible franchise, with Tom Cruise performing daring stunts once again. Empire recently released an exclusive still from the film, showing a fight scene on top of a speeding steam train.

According to director Christopher McQuarrie, the train sequence was one of the most difficult scenes to shoot. In an interview with Empire on set in 2021, he explained that the scene was filmed on an actual moving train to add an element of realism that couldn’t be replicated in a studio. McQuarrie said that creating an emotional connection between the audience and characters was also a challenge. He believes that awe is a condiment, not a course, and that he had to make the audience care about the stunts and the characters.

Other Action Sequences

Dead Reckoning Part One will also feature adrenaline-pumping action sequences such as a car chase, a sword fight, and a desert shootout. Fans of the franchise can expect another heart-pounding adventure with Ethan Hunt and his team when the movie is released in theaters on July 12. Dead Reckoning Part Two will be released on June 28, 2024, and will also star Hayley Atwell, Rebecca Ferguson, and Simon Pegg.

In Dead Reckoning Part Two, McQuarrie will work with Cruise again, and the movie will feature Cruise being shot into real outer space on a rocket.


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