Ubisoft has unveiled the latest seasonal update for Rainbow Six Siege, called ‘Operation Dread Factor’. The update brings a host of changes and additions to the popular competitive tactical multiplayer shooter game. The biggest change is the addition of a new character, Fenrir, a Swedish Defender with a unique ability to release fear gas that restricts the peripheral vision of opponents. The F-NATT Dread Mine gadget is used to deploy the gas, and strategic placement of the mine in entryways and chokepoints can make it more effective. Fenrir is a two-speed, two-health character with a loadout of MP7 submachine gun or SASG-12 shotgun as a primary weapon and Bailiff 410 revolver as a secondary weapon.

New Map and Arcade Playlist

In the Year 8, Season 2 update for Siege, Ubisoft has completely rebuilt the Consulate Map for balance purposes, creating more protected approaches for attacking teams. Additionally, a new gadget called the Observation Blocker has been introduced to serve as a counter to drone scouts. This gadget is invisible to human operators but can detect and block drone cameras. The Shooting Range has also been expanded with an extra aiming lane to test weapon loadouts, and a destructible wall to experiment. Players can now enjoy a permanent Arcade playlist, featuring more lighthearted and lower-stakes modes like Golden Gun, Snipers Only, and Deathmatch, as well as a new Free For All mode.

Operation Dread Factor will release on 30 May 2023 and will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Ubisoft is constantly working on improving Rainbow Six Siege, and this update is a testament to their dedication towards providing the best gaming experience to their users. Players can expect exciting new features and characters in the future updates as well.


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