Universal Studios Hollywood has recently announced the commencement of construction on an exciting new roller coaster inspired by the popular Fast & Furious film franchise. Although an opening date has yet to be announced, the resort has promised that this new attraction will showcase groundbreaking technological advancements and a state-of-the-art ride system designed to immerse guests in the dynamic Fast & Furious universe.

Expanding the Franchise

Both Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood already feature a theme park ride based on the Fast & Furious franchise called Fast & Furious: Supercharged. This thrilling attraction takes riders on a high-speed chase through city streets, pitting Dom and his family against the villain Owen Shaw from Fast & Furious 6. At Universal Studios Hollywood, the ride serves as the exhilarating finale of the studio tour.

A Box Office Phenomenon

The enduring popularity of the Fast & Furious franchise has spanned over two decades, with its films amassing an impressive box office revenue of over $7 billion. Not only are these movies Universal Pictures’ most profitable series, but they are also the longest-running. The franchise’s success has prompted Universal Studios to continue expanding its Fast & Furious offerings, with the new roller coaster being the latest addition.

Exciting Future Projects

In addition to the Fast & Furious roller coaster, Universal Studios has revealed plans for other thrilling attractions. One notable upcoming project is a haunted house based on the popular video game, The Last of Us. This haunted house will be part of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights and is scheduled to open on September 1 at the Orlando park and September 7 at the Hollywood location. This announcement has generated significant anticipation among fans of the game and horror enthusiasts alike.

As Universal Studios Hollywood embarks on the construction of its Fast & Furious roller coaster, fans of the franchise can look forward to an immersive and thrilling experience unlike any other. With its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and storytelling, Universal Studios continues to captivate audiences and cement its status as a premier theme park destination.


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