Alien: Isolation’s unofficial mod tools have received a significant update, providing modders with the ability to add new textures, models, materials, and more to the game. The update also includes OpenCAGE, a fan-made suite of mod tools that allow gamers to manipulate the game’s programming. With the new features, modders can import new models, textures, animations, and skeletons, making the possibilities for mods virtually limitless.

A Fun Example

To demonstrate the new capabilities, the toolmaker created a short video importing Counter-Strike’s classic map, de_dust2, into Alien: Isolation. In the video, the xenomorph can be seen stalking the corridors of Dust2. Although the example is silly, it highlights how the new modding capabilities can be used to create exciting new content.

The update was launched on April 26th, in celebration of Alien Day, which references LV-426, the moon where things went wrong in the Alien films. An Alien Day sale is also taking place on Steam, offering an 80% discount on Alien: Isolation and discounts on other Alien games.

Modders are already considering more complex uses for the new modding features, and it will be interesting to see what they come up with in the months and years ahead. The potential for new content is vast, and gamers can expect to see some exciting mods in the future.

In conclusion, Alien: Isolation’s new modding capabilities are a significant expansion of the game’s potential for user-generated content. Modders can now add new elements to the game, opening up a world of possibilities for new content. The Dust2 example is just the tip of the iceberg, and it will be exciting to see what modders come up with in the future.


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