Total War has been a long-standing favorite among strategy game enthusiasts, but lately, my interest in the series has waned. However, with the recent announcement of the next DLC, Shadows of Change, for Total Warhammer 3, my excitement has been reignited. This DLC introduces three Legendary Lords, along with new campaign mechanics, units, and battlefield abilities. Let’s delve into the details and see what this expansion has in store for players.

The Changeling: Master of Deception

Tzeentch, the chaos god of manipulation, takes center stage in this DLC with the introduction of The Changeling. Known for his expertise in Minor and Grand Schemes, The Changeling excels at building cults in enemy cities, tricking characters into fighting each other, and even assuming the appearance of another Lord. His strategic prowess allows players to engage in a game of deception and infiltration rather than solely focusing on territorial expansion.

The Changeling sees the world as a series of Theatres, where performing schemes unlocks the opportunity to execute Grand Schemes. These Grand Schemes trigger epic battles with unique rewards. Additionally, The Changeling can send cultists into a city, posing as looters. However, players must exercise caution when encountering seemingly abandoned settlements, especially in the presence of Skaven armies nearby.

To complement his deceptive tactics, The Changeling also has a range of formidable battlefield units at his disposal. The Blue Scribes, a duo of magic heroes, ride on an enchanted writing desk, while the Tzaangors are former Beastmen with a hit-and-run playstyle. The Cockatrice spews deadly poison and acid, and the Mutalith Vortex Beast is a fearsome Lovecraftian entity embodying tentacled horrors. These units add excitement and diversity to the battlefield.

Yuan Bo: Master of Influence

Another intriguing addition to the game comes in the form of Yuan Bo, the Grand Cathay Lord. Yuan Bo is an underhand operator who can expedite construction using his influence over state matters. His ability to sow diplomatic discord enables him to maneuver his armies through enemy territory without penalties. Additionally, he can utilize regional corruption to his advantage in undisclosed ways.

Yuan Bo does not disappoint in terms of battlefield prowess either. His arsenal includes the Jade Lion, which replenishes the Winds of Magic reserves while pouncing on enemies. The Jet Lion disrupts enemy spellcasting, deflects missiles, and boosts the performance of your own mages. The Celestial General, armed with a colossal hammer, smashes his foes with immense force. One cannot overlook the Onyx Crowmen, an unsettling and eerie unit that adds aesthetic delight to the battlefield.

Mother Ostankya: A Nightmarish Delight

Mother Ostankya of Kislev is a seemingly harmless old lady with a horrifying secret. Her mission revolves around collecting forbidden Hexes, which hints at her true nature as a creature born from children’s nightmares. She brings excitement to the battlefield with her unique units, such as the Hag Witch riding on a chariot, the Akshina Rangers clad in bearskins, the Elemental Incarnate of Beasts (a towering entity embodying nature’s fiercest aspects), and the ominous and skull-faced Things in the Woods.

Total Warhammer 3’s upcoming DLC, Shadows of Change, promises to deliver an enthralling experience for players. With the introduction of new Legendary Lords, campaign mechanics, units, and battlefield abilities, the expansion breathes new life into the series. While my enthusiasm for Total War had waned in recent times, this DLC has revitalized my interest. As we eagerly await the release of Shadows of Change on August 31st, it remains to be seen if it can surpass the greatness of the Chaos Dwarves from the previous DLC. Nonetheless, Total War fans have much to look forward to with this captivating new addition to the franchise.


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