Best Buy is currently offering a deal on the 2TB WD Black SN770 NVMe SSD, bringing its price down to $100, matching the low price from Amazon Prime Day. This presents an excellent opportunity for PC users to expand their storage capacity, especially with upcoming games like Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, and Armored Core 5 expected to consume significant amounts of storage space. The listing on Best Buy claims a savings of over $140 off the regular price, although it should be noted that this SSD usually sells for approximately $120-$150 at most other retailers. While the discounted price of $100 is still a great deal given the ample storage it offers, the actual discount may not be as substantial as advertised.

Impressive Performance for Budget Gamers

The WD Black SN770 stands out as the best budget gaming SSD currently available, boasting impressive read and write speeds of 5,150MB/s and 4,900MB/s, respectively. Although it may not be the fastest SSD on the market, it is a highly capable all-around drive specifically designed for gaming purposes. It is worth mentioning that our review highlighted one drawback of this SSD – it tends to run hot. Nonetheless, with the current affordability of high-quality SSDs, there is no reason not to upgrade your motherboard with multiple drives to accommodate all your favorite games.

Upgrade Sooner Than Later

With games like Rachet and Clank Rift Apart reportedly requiring an SSD to play on higher settings, it becomes increasingly important to upgrade your storage sooner rather than later. If you do not already have an SSD, or if you only have limited storage, now is the perfect time to consider the 2TB WD Black SN770 NVMe SSD. It offers a significant amount of storage at an affordable price, ensuring that you can enjoy the latest games without worrying about running out of space.

Consider the 1TB Version or Opt for Multiple Drives

For those on a tighter budget or who do not require 2TB of storage, there is also a 1TB version of the SN770 available on sale for $46 on Amazon. This provides a more cost-effective option while still delivering sufficient storage for most gaming needs. Additionally, if your motherboard has enough room, it is advisable to consider purchasing two of these drives to maximize storage capacity without breaking the bank.

In summary, the 2TB WD Black SN770 NVMe SSD is currently available at a discounted price of $100, making it an attractive option for PC users looking to upgrade their storage. With its impressive performance and ample capacity, this SSD is well-suited for gaming purposes. Whether you opt for the 2TB version or the more affordable 1TB alternative, upgrading your storage is essential to ensure a seamless gaming experience without storage limitations.


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