Valve, the popular gaming platform, recently addressed misconceptions regarding its stance on AI-generated content. Several news outlets reported on a Reddit post from user potterharry97, claiming that Steam would no longer publish games featuring AI-generated content. However, Valve has clarified that this information is not entirely accurate.

In an email statement to The Verge, Valve PR representative Kaci Boyle explained that the company’s objective is not to discourage the use of AI on Steam. Instead, Valve is working on integrating AI into its existing review policies. Boyle emphasized that their current review process already considers copyright laws, ensuring that developers do not infringe on existing copyrights.

Valve is committed to refining its review process, and in cases where games were rejected due to AI copyright concerns, the company will refund app-submission credits to the developers. This refund offer was also extended to potterharry97, who raised the initial concerns.

The Challenge of AI and Copyright

The emergence of AI technology has introduced a complex aspect to discussions surrounding copyright. With AI-generated content becoming more prevalent, issues such as uncredited usage of open source code and infringement of copyrighted artwork have led to legal disputes. Valve’s proactive approach in addressing AI-created assets aligns with the need to navigate this legal landscape.

Valve’s Developer Submission Rules

Valve’s developer submission rules explicitly prohibit the use of “content you don’t own or have adequate rights to.” The rejection message shared by potterharry97 highlighted that their game included AI-generated art assets that relied on copyrighted material owned by third parties. This rejection demonstrates Valve’s commitment to upholding copyright laws and protecting the rights of content creators.

Looking Ahead

Valve’s response to the misconception surrounding AI-generated content on Steam reaffirms the company’s commitment to integrating AI while ensuring adherence to copyright regulations. As AI technology continues to advance and its impact on content creation grows, it is crucial for platforms like Steam to establish robust policies that safeguard intellectual property rights.

Valve’s goal is not to impede the use of AI but rather to find ways to incorporate it within their existing review process. By providing refunds for developers whose games were rejected due to AI copyright concerns, Valve is actively working towards refining their policies and addressing the challenges posed by AI-generated content.


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