Valve has recently introduced a significant UI overhaul to the Steam Beta’s In-Game Overlay, among other updates. The update includes a new note-taking feature, which Valve claims is a notable addition, as it automatically pops up a corresponding file for each game played, can be overlaid on top of the game, and can sync across various PCs through the cloud, even when offline.

Additional Features

Valve has included several other features in the update, including the ability to pin Guides, Discussions, and the Steam web browser atop a game, with adjustable opacity. The new Game Overview and toolbar also offer quick access to anything a player may need during gameplay. The update also includes a revamped notifications tab and screenshot manager, optional hardware acceleration for the Linux version of Steam, and minor UI tweaks throughout the interface.


While the update is being shipped across Steam Desktop, Big Picture Mode, and Steam Deck simultaneously, the Deck only includes the changes in its Linux desktop mode. Valve’s Lawrence Yang has confirmed that the features will be added to the Deck’s gaming mode later. For now, players will need to opt into the Steam Beta to access the update until Valve adds the changes to a stable release.

Valve’s full update post includes additional screenshots of the new features. The company is excited to offer these enhancements to the Steam experience and promises to continue to improve the platform to provide players with the best gaming experience possible.


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