The highly addictive game, Vampire Survivors, is soon to undergo a game engine upgrade, promising enhanced performance and stability. While it won’t boast the sophisticated ray-traced textures seen in games like Minecraft or Cyberpunk, this update will undoubtedly bring significant improvements to the overall gaming experience. Developed by Poncle, the Unity version of Vampire Survivors has been in the works for some time now. With the Xbox and mobile ports already released on the Unity engine, it was only a matter of time before the PC version received the same treatment.

What to Expect from the Upgrade

Poncle has been offering two separate versions of Vampire Survivors on PC: the original Phaser engine build and a beta version of the upcoming Unity build, which was accessible to testers or those resourceful enough to obtain the beta access code. This approach has provided valuable insights into the upcoming Unity version’s performance and stability. Testers have reported that the Unity version runs significantly smoother than the original, maintaining a consistent framerate of around 60 frames per second, even during intense gameplay moments with numerous enemies and explosions. Additionally, the Unity version demonstrates improved stability, eliminating any potential slowdown issues.

The transition to Unity also brings additional benefits for players using lower-spec machines or the Steam Deck. These platforms will now be able to enjoy the game with improved performance, thanks to the more efficient Unity engine. Poncle also highlights that the Unity engine will facilitate future porting efforts, allowing the game to reach a wider audience across different platforms.

Switching to the New Engine

Poncle has confirmed that the full switch to the Unity engine will take place on August 17th. After extensive testing, the developers are confident that the new engine is superior to the old one in terms of performance and stability. They express their gratitude to the Phaser engine for powering Vampire Survivors and contributing to its immense success. Poncle even recommends Phaser to aspiring game developers interested in creating exciting games quickly.

New Co-op Mode and Additional Content

In addition to the game engine upgrade, Vampire Survivors will introduce a brand new co-op mode, which will be available as a free update on August 17th. This cooperative gameplay mode will allow players to team up and face the challenges of the game together.

Furthermore, Vampire Survivors has been granted new trading cards and other Steam community items, such as emoticons and profile backgrounds. Players can now obtain these items, adding a touch of personalization to their Steam profiles.

Vampire Survivors’ transition to the Unity engine brings forth exciting prospects for improved performance and stability. With the added bonus of a new co-op mode and Steam community items, players have even more reasons to dive into the immersive world of Vampire Survivors. The upgrade is set to release on August 17th, marking a new chapter in the game’s development and expanding its reach to a broader audience.


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