Quentin Tarantino, the well-known and respected director, is set to direct one more movie, which he has revealed will be called The Movie Critic. The film is set in California in 1977 and is based on a man who was never really famous, despite his interesting life. The protagonist of the story had a unique career as a movie reviewer for a pornographic magazine, The Popstar Pages.

Tarantino has drawn inspiration from his personal experiences as a teenager, where he loaded porn magazines into a vending machine. Although the name of the magazine from his youth was not disclosed, Tarantino described the reviewer he was inspired by as a very rude and funny writer who cursed and used racial slurs. Despite being crude, the reviewer’s work was highly entertaining and funny. The reviewer was in their mid-30s and died in their late 30s, Tarantino said.

Although the role of the protagonist has not been cast, Tarantino has already concluded that actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood are too old for the part. Instead, he is looking for a new leading man in the 35-year-old age bracket. Tarantino expressed his preference for an American actor for the role, as opposed to the trend of British and Australian actors doing American voices in movies. He explained that he is not being xenophobic, but he is not a fan of seeing American actors playing famous Brits with Dick Van Dyke accents, and that Brits would not want to see that either.

The Journey of Tarantino’s Films

Quentin Tarantino has directed nine films since his debut with Reservoir Dogs in 1992. His films’ unique style, a combination of violence, humor, and pop culture references, has earned him both critical acclaim and controversy. His films Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained have earned him Academy Awards for Best Screenplay.

In 2019, Tarantino released Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which was a commercial and critical success. He has also spoken about the possibility of making a TV show based on the in-universe Bounty Law show from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but nothing has been confirmed.

The Movie Critic is expected to enter pre-production in June, and fans of Tarantino are eagerly waiting for the release of his next film, which is sure to be as unique and entertaining as his previous works.


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